Monday, November 3, 2008

查詢電話: 英文/葡文:66176007 或 66824254 中文: 66855461


To be held this coming Nov. 8th, 2008 at from 14:00 onwards
At Anima’s permanent shelter (Estrada do Altinho de Ka Ho,
Coloane) Take Cotai Strip to Westin Hotel, take the first turn after the reservoir
– small road just before the helicopter maintenance
Tel: Eng/Port.: 66176007 or 66824254 – Chinese: 66855461

Anima Macau Society for the Protection of Animals

Anima is a relatively new association which was created to provide shelter to abandoned animals in Macau, China.  It started from 1997 when Macau, then a Portuguese Colony was returned to China, many Portuguese and other foreigner nationals left the island and so they left behind  their pets.  

There are sad stories told by long term Macau residents, these girl who  lives on the Coloane island told me the story of her dog, a small little white thing, she said it was running around the village completely naked, devoid of all it's fur and covered in wounds, her brother who was a former pharmacist took  the dog in, for many months he  washed it with surgeons scrub, you wouldn't believe what love and surgeon scrub can do for a dog, he is beautiful you wouldn't believe it if you saw the dog.  

Anyway there was a story of these 2 dogs who's owners used to go to the bank on the village on a daily basis, the dogs would follow the owners and wait on the steps on the outside of the bank, well, the owners left Macau and they left their dogs behind, the dogs not understanding their new status of abandoned pets, kept going to the bank as usual  on the hope that one day they would find the owners again. 

This is a sad story without happy-end.  

On a bright note, Anima was created to provide for abandoned animals, Anima have come a long way since it's creation and is now is a relatively good location, our permanent shelter will be build soon, and we are looking to future with very positive hopes.